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The pandemic has transformed the way we live, work, learn, care, or even entertain. We now use webcams and mics to communicate “face-to-face” with people.  We use video for meetings, classes, treatments, and live events even on weekends.

However not everyone is equipped with the right devices and skills to stand out from the crowd in the new normal. Factors such as poor lighting and framing issues combined with using cheap webcams and audio gear result in a terrible online experience for people on both sides of the screen.

bad experience

At Promicam, help people connect and engage better using video communications. We want you to look sharp and sound like a pro. But to do so, you the right audio and video equipment to have more impact and build a stronger online presence.

Our experts in video and audio technology source, test and validate all products available in our store. We will also give you tips and tricks on how to set up and use video because you deserve a better online experience. We will help you light up, sharpen up and speak up. So, get ready to outshine others.

The experts

Promicam is a Singapore-based Online Store that serves consumers and businesses in need of quality yet affordable audio and video devices to improve their conferencing, recording, and streaming experience.

The products we offer online are used by businesspeople to meet, by educators to teach, by doctors to treat, by entrepreneurs to sell products and by vloggers to entertain remotely, live or on demand.


We care about your budget too! Why spending extra money buying branded products that are Made in China and have average technical specifications?

Just like PRISM+ and Razor, we get our products directly from the best factories on the mainland. We cut the middlemen for you to enjoy better products at a better price. Big deal, isn’t it?

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Buy from the Promicam Online Store to improve the level of engagement, interactivity, and collaboration during online sessions.

Whether you are located at home, in the office, on campus or at the hospital, we will help you gear up to climb up!

Look sharp and sound like a pro with PRO-MI-CAM!